Buy the best table saw using these shopping tips

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What to consider when buying Table Saw


In improving homes, one of the things that a certain family must have is a nice, sharp table saw. Table saws come in a selection of models, either from portable table saws to huge contractor saws. Yet, the precise model of table saw is just one of the aspects on which the buyers must agree. The features are just as vital consideration as the type of model; its features define its performance. Buyers can have advantage by knowing the value of these features and can utilize the info to compare and contrast saw types when going to shopping. Table saws can be bought at home improvement stores, woodworking specialty stores, tool retailers and some stores with tools departments section. Some big retailers may also offer a limited selection of table saws.

These are the things to consider prior to purchasing table saw.

  1. Horsepower of the Motor

A table saw that doesn’t have adequate horsepower to cut the material will not going to be of much use, making HP one of the most important considerations when considering which table saw to buy. One factor in defining the appropriate motor horsepower is available voltage.

  1. Kickback Prevention

Consider choosing a table saw that has a riving knife rather than a splitter for kickback protection. Both of it protect the back of the saw blade from catching wood pieces and throwing them back at the operator, but the splitter doesn’t move up and down with the saw blade like what does a riving knife do.

  1. Flesh Sensor2

Purchasing a table saw with a flesh sensor may increase the cost of the saw much. But, this added price likely stakes in relation to emergency room visit cost. Flesh sensors end the saw blade instantly, with less than 0.01 seconds after contacting skin.

  1. Kick Switch

It is not always likely for the saw worker to take away their hands from the wood piece being cut without making a possible security threat. For this, it is significant that a table saw be armed with kick switch that can be tossed to off with a knee, hip and foot motion.

  1. Easy to Use

If it’s not easy to use, the danger is more likely to happen. Please make sure that the hand wheels on the saw turn effortlessly, blade replacement can be achieved with a small amount of disassembly, the saw is easy to adjust and that the correctness of the saw can be easily adjusted.


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9 features to look for in a table Saw

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Key Features to Consider When Buying a Table Saw

Wondering which table saw will best fit your woodcutting needs? Well, to find your best choice, you need to check for particular parameters and highlight them basing on the project at hand. Table saws are in various models, ranging from large contractor saws to portable ones. Nevertheless, the right model is only one of the elements which potential purchasers must decide. Features are also the most important factors to consider as they determine the table saw and its performance. Selecting the right table saw depends on the purpose the saw is intended for. The 9 features to look for in a table saw are:

  1. Horsepower of the motor

When looking for the best table saw to fit your woodcutting needs, horsepower is one of the most important features to consider. A table saw that doesn’t have the required horsepower to cut materials you need to saw won’t be of much use to you.

  1. Kickback prevention

For kickback protection, consider choosing a table saw with a splitter-guardsriving knife rather than splitter knife. Although both splitter and riving knives protect the saw-blade from throwing wood pieces back to the operator, splitter knife doesn’t move down and up with saw-blade like the way riving knife does.

  1. Flesh sensor

Table saw having a flesh sensor may be expensive to purchase, nevertheless, the added cost isn’t like the cost of losing a finger, or an emergency room visit. The flesh sensor immediately stops the saw- blades after contacting the skin in less than 0.01 seconds. And thus, the severity of damage is greatly reduced.

  1. Magnetic switch

Table saw equipped with magnetic switch prevent safety hazard that may be caused by an intended restart of the saw. In case there is power failure, the magnetic switch automatically kicks power switch to off position. And therefore, this will prevent the risk of the restart of the machine that may lead to accidents.

  1. Dust collection

To keep garage or workshop clean is a nice feature. Making it free of sawdust keep the operators’ health- keeping their lungs free of particles, as well as improving the working environment increasing motivation to work and increased production.

  1. Safety features

When purchasing a table saw, you will want to get one with the recent features to assist reduce the risk of injury on the job.

  1. Drive belt design

To minimize vibration on your table saw, consider poly-V belts as it produce less vibration as compared with regular-V belts or wedge belts.

Ease of usess_SawStopBrake

When looking of a table saw, consider the one which is easy to use to minimize risk of encountering safety hazards. Ensure the saw is easy to adjust, replace blades and the hand wheels turn easily.

  1. Left blade tilt

Blade tilt is a personal preference, but the operator should opt for a left-tilt blade for an added safety.

  1. Kick switch

A good table saw should be equipped with a switch kick that can be flipped-off with a knee, foot, or hip motion.

Ok, so are you still looking for the best table to use? Well, employing the above features will give you the right saw type that will meet your desired needs.

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Best table saw

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Incredible Features of the Best Table Saw

There is a wide range of table saws that you can choose from if you are looking for a professional grade equipment fit for your skill set or budget. Based on expert analysis and the best customer reviews, we carefully and informatively take you through the best table saws that won’t disappoint you – you can check out our preferences at All you need to do is choose them for the right job and situation as discussed below.

General features of the Best Table Saw

Safety Conscious

When using table saws, saw dust, kickback and severed fingers are three safety concerns you need to put in mind anytime. Each saw type has its own protective features that are supposed to prevent you from harm during the work session.The riving knife situated behind the blade prevent the wood from enclosing on itself, htable-saws-00ence preventing a kickback. The flesh sensor is a very important safety feature that many table saw companies are now adopting in their saws.It helps stop the table saw in 0.01 seconds of flesh contact. Dust control features are also very important.

Table Size

You know the stable size that your job type will require, so select a table saw that is able to accommodate the job efficiently. It shouldn’t be too big or too small for your job. The fence, which is the equipment that guides the wood, has a maximum width that it can accommodate. Therefore you should know the wood width you expect to work on.

Horse Power

Knowing the right motor size for your job is also very important. If you want to run a commercial workshop, you need a larger table saw with a higher horsepower than when you are buying the table saw for personal use. A large horsepower ranges from 3-5 while a table saw with a small horsepower ranges from 1-2 but still very effective.

Easy Operation

If you want to get the maximum out of your table saw, you need something that will be difficult to operate. Some table saws are complex to understand and to operate and this will only ruin your materials besides putting your safety into danger. Make sure that besides other perfect features, your saw should have easy blade control and general operation.


Portability is another feature that you should put in mind when buying a table saw. If you want a saw that you’ll be able to carry around, then you go for something portable. If you want to install your table saw permanently in your workshop, you select a saw that is well designed d for that purpose.

Table Saws to Try Out


-DeWALT’s DW744X

This is a portable table saw. It doesn’t have wheels but you can easily carry it around. Its rip fence design is unique in that the fence is fixed to the back and front rails instead of it sliding along them.

-Rockwell RK7241S

It has two tubular leg sets that are very sturdy and can fold down and lock making it its portability even more sufficient.

-Bosch 4100-09

-Craftsman 28463


-SawStop CNS175-SFA30

-Skil 3310

In order to choose the right table saw for your job, you need to understand these equipment well enough to be able to evaluate their strengths using the type and level of the job as the base of the evaluation. You must understand the different functions and components of each table saw type if you want to avoid getting disappointed by the ultimate choice.

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